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IT Buyers Guide


The New England Business Owner's Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

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Managed IT Support & Service (MSP)

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Business Phone Systems (UCaaS)

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Structured Network Cabling

Audio and Video Collaboration Rooms

5 Big Reasons to Choose Net Tel One to Support Your Business Technology


We're the experts you need We have 20 years of experience providing seamless installation, maintenance, and IT support for our customers. At Net Tel One, we believe if the product we supply is not working properly, it's our problem. Whether the issue is caused by cabling, network, your carrier, or even an act of God we will ensure your issue is handled correctly and resolved quickly.


24/7/365 Customer Support With 24-hour support we make it easy for you to receive the support you need. Whether you want to talk to one of Net Tel One’s experienced professionals, or view one of our self-help videos, Net Tel One provides multiple paths of support to ensure we help you solve your business technology issues.


You Can Bundle Any of Our Services for Your Benefit! We understand that juggling multiple bills, contacts, and support technicians can be confusing and time consuming, so we’ve built a suite of services that delivers a centralized suite for all your business technology. You can build and customize the solutions that best fit your business environment. The OneNet suite of services was built to make your businesses technology and communications simple and streamlined.


You’ll NEVER Hear Us Say "It’s Not Our Problem" We’re a growing team of business technology experts and innovators-full of knowledge and insight prepared to ensure your businesses technology and communications is streamlined, secure, and fast. We pride ourselves on superior customer service.


You Aren’t Just a Number at Net Tel One At Net Tel One we believe in creating relationships with all our clients. We want our customers to be comfortable and familiar with us. Our unmatched live customer support team will never ask for your account number - we know who you are and take the time to learn and earn your business for the most personalized partnership. We strive to be friendly and personable while providing top of the line service. You’ll never feel like you are just a number to Net Tel One.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

The Technical Knowledge & Experience Has Made Every Migration Go Smooth & Ensure No Downtime

"We have been a customer for just over 5 years now and have migrated all of our Town offices as well as Schools to your platform. In addition to the technical advances Cloud Hosted provides working with the team at Net Tel One is always a pleasure. The technical knowledge and experience has made every migration go smooth and ensure no downtime. Each office has commented to me how much they appreciated the personal one-on-one training and support they received by Net Tel One staff the day after our migrations have completed. I look forward to continuing our relationship and exploring other services."

Bill Hartigan​ Director of Technology

I Never Feel Like a Number When Speaking with Net Tel One

"Prior to switching to Net Tel One we were experiencing frequent phone outages and our service provider was less than helpful in resolving them. Since switching we have had very few phone issues. The transition was quick and flawless. The few issues that we have had, Net Tel One resolved them very quickly. I never feel like a number when speaking with them. No matter what the problem is they are there to help you. Adam and Rob are amazing! They are always very pleasant to work with (even when calling after hours when they are home with their families). I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide us and highly recommend them."

Megan Wadman​ Front Office Supervisor

Net Tel One Has Earned Our Complete Trust! Can’t Say Enough About Them!

"Net Tel One has been providing phone services to Highland-March Workspaces for ten years. I have to believe that we might be their greatest challenge since we provide phone services to multiple companies at each of our locations and we have to be able to customize that service to each company. They always meet the challenge with creative solutions and incredibly responsive service. We won’t even entertain proposals from other companies because NetTelOne has earned our complete trust. Can’t say enough about them!"

Leslie Libeskind​​ President

About Net Tel One

When Net Tel One was established in 2002, we recognized that our industry was saturated with companies eager to sell business technology and services, only to falter in their implementation and support. Far too often, the initial reaction of such companies when confronted with a problem was to shift blame elsewhere. As industry insiders, we witnessed the frustration this caused our customers, and we understood that few things are more aggravating than a service provider deflecting responsibility while your business communications grind to a halt. It was from these experiences that the Net Tel One mantra of “OWN IT” emerged. We embarked on a mission to address this issue by recruiting knowledgeable and dependable staff and instilling in them the value of treating our customers’ problems as if they were our own.

IT Buyers Guide

    The New England Business Owner's Guide
    To IT Support Services And Fees

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