Is Your Business Internet Disaster Proof?

Keep Your Business Up, Even When The Internet Goes Down. You may have DSL, T1, Fiber Optic, or a cable internet connection, but your business is still not immune to outages or slow connections. Every business needs a backup Internet connection. A fast, reliable, Internet connection is the bloodline of any business. With Net Tel One’s LTE Internet Backup, you can diversify your Internet technology with a backup internet connection and get access to nationwide LTE wireless networks. It’s fast, reliable, and delivered from the cloud. You can expect a seamless, constant, redundant internet connection to lightning fast wireless networks so your business Internet is always up and running.

  • Reduce Internet down time.
  • 4 different carriers to ensure best results.
  • Run mission critical services during primary internet failure.

4 Different Wireless Carriers

Not all networks reach everywhere, so we use all 4 major wireless carriers to ensure your location has the best connection. Below are 4 locations less than 20 square miles apart. each location shows a different carrier as their best option.

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