Affordable, Flexible And Scalable Security Solution

Like most everything else in the modern office, video surveillance is transitioning to the cloud. Net Tel One's VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution offers an accessible, adaptable, and expandable security solution, making it suitable for clients of all sizes, even those without dedicated video support or integrators. With the power of cutting-edge IP cameras, redundant cloud storage, live streaming, and on-demand multi-device access, Net Tel One VSaaS eliminates complexity and cost barriers. Whether your business is large or small, Net Tel One VSaaS can bring substantial benefits.

  • Full HD Video you can zoom in and playback.
  • 24/7/365 mobile apps & desktop access - live viewing
  • Single source for installation, billing and support services
  • Monitor multiple cloud based cameras across many locations.
  • Multi-camera and connectivity WIFI - POE PTZ - In/Outdoor
  • Multi-storage plans to fit any business and budget

Here is what makes VSaaS different from traditional video surveillance solutions.

  • Data is stored in the cloud and can be backed up on a hard drive.
  • Users only need IP cameras, which send and receive data through the cloud, and can function with or without a network attachment.
  • With cloud video storage, surveillance footage cannot be destroyed or physically damaged.
  • Receive immediate email alerts and real-time updates from anywhere.
  • VSaaS is an easily scalable solution – simply add cameras and additional backup storage as needed.
  • Users don’t need to invest in dedicated servers or store footage onsite.

  • VSaaS is easy to set up, implement and maintain.
  • Easy IP camera system control with plug-and-play capability.
  • VSaaS offers increased security, more uptime and the capability to run 24/7.
  • VSaaS is 100% web-based with cross-browser capability and powerful mobile apps.

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