Effortlessly manage your access control.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Like most everything else in the modern office, Access Control is moving to the cloud. NetTelOne can deliver a cloud access control platform built for mobile users. From installation & configuration to end-user management, we deliver complete functionality from any device, anywhere, anytime. Regardless of the size of your businesses our platform is scalable and makes access management easier than ever.

Instant Alerts

Real-time customizable alerts keep you in the know. Whether it relates to people, doors or events, you can create email and text alerts that let one or more people know what’s happening. Instant alerts are a powerful tool when comes to the safety and security of your facility.

Mobile Management

Full mobile management allows for complete control whether you are in the office or on the road. The mobile app does not restrict which features are available for mobile management. We give you full control of every feature in the system from any Internet connected device.

Door States

Instantly know the status of every door at your facility in a single glance. Our intuitive interface allows you to not only see whether a door is locked, unlocked, propped or forced but it also allows you to change the state from your mobile device.

Live Events

Keep tabs on who’s coming and going with real-time live monitoring of system activity. Security personnel can compare the image of the authorized cardholder in the software verses the actual person scanning the card.

Cloud Backups

With six months of data protection stored in the cloud you’re ready for any calamity mother nature may throw in your way. Rest assured your entire system is backed up each and every night.

Real-Time Updates

System software updates happen real-time giving you the latest features as they are launched. Never worry again about what version of software you are running or if the manufacturer will end-of-life your system.

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