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Why Net Tel One?

You will never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.”

Fast, innovative and reliable communication is a must in today’s business world. We, at Net Tel One Communications, understand that and are committed to offer the latest technology, service and support in voice, data and infrastructure solutions for your business’s telecommunication needs.

Net Tel One Communications has been serving small and medium size businesses since 2002 designing and installing traditional premise based and cloud hosted telephone and data systems. We are locally owned and offer not only cutting edge telecommunication systems, but, cutting edge 24/7 support. If something isn’t working correctly, whether source of the problem is in other provider’s network or with a carrier, we will resolve it. You will never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.”

Why Net Tel One?

  1. We manage all your communications – no finger pointing if there’s a problem

  2. The latest technology in data and voice systems

  3. Call quality and uptime guaranteed through our private network

  4. Locally owned

  5. One invoice – one point of contact

  6. Unmatched support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  7. Turnkey maintenance and support

  8. HIPPA compliant staff ensuring your company’s privacy

  9. You will never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.”

Our Services

We plan, design, install and maintain systems tailored to the unique needs of each client. In addition to designing and installing traditional and cloud hosted telephone systems, we also design and install cabling infrastructure, such as simple copper station drops to the more advanced fiber optical backbones and data closet build out. Additionally, we also install and maintain LAN and WAN bandwidth shaping devices such as network switching, routers and session border controls.

For mission-critical systems and applications, we invested in a feature rich, extremely robust cloud based PBX hosted platform that provides the highest level of reliability and significantly reduces telecommunication costs.  This system runs on a cutting-edge application program interface.

For the traditional, premise based system, Net Tel One installs and supports one of the premier premised based VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions in today’s market. This system provides voice, video and mobility on virtually any device and is powerful enough to support 2,000 users with virtualized software. It’s easy to use, easy to manage and is an exceptional value.

We also provide SIP trunking to your existing phone system. It replaces existing and costly T1/PRI lines while providing much more functionality and flexibility.

Net Tel One also provides maintenance, upgrades, offsite backups, systems monitoring, moves, adds and much more. Your business also has access to our online monitoring and support services.

Mobile App

One innovative solution we offer is a mobile app that allows employees to make and receive calls in the field on their smartphone using your company’s phone number. All business calls are directed to the employee’s smartphone through the app. Additionally, the app provides access to company and personal phone directories. Since the mobile workforce is expected to increase from the current 96.2 million to more than 105 million by 2020, the mobile app is a great solution for your field employees.

Customer Support

Our president and founder, Christopher O’Neill, has two top priorities: First, a commitment to keeping up with the latest technology and industry trends and providing support for clients with older technology. The second priority – service.

We have 24/7 customer support. Service requests can be submitted through our web portal, email or by phone. When a request comes in, it immediately falls into the lap of one of our team members who knows our clients and will get right to work on the problem. We will never ask for your account number – we don’t need to.

Have you ever called Comcast or Verizon with a service issue and was passed around from agent to agent because the problem wasn’t within their purview? Or, told that the issue wasn’t their problem because the fault was in a network they didn’t manage? A frustrating experience to say the least.

At Net Tel One, WE are your service provider and will take care of any issue, regardless if the source is with a carrier or another company’s network. You will never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.” If something isn’t working right, it is OUR problem and we will fix it.

Our Commitment

As one of our clients said in a review, while most companies can deliver the same product to you, it’s how they deliver it and their commitment to keeping that level of exceptional service for the long haul that really matters.  The team at Net Tel One guarantees that commitment to each and every client. Call us today and see what we can do for you.


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