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Why Digital Transformation Is All About People

Enterprises often make the mistake of focusing too closely on the technology piece of digital transformation.

While technology does play a major role in the success of digital transformation, it’s important for enterprises to remember that these types of sweeping changes are really about people. Digital transformation is about offering people a better customer experience, helping individual employees do their jobs with more efficiency and ease and promoting a more satisfying work experience for team members.

Here are three key reasons why digital transformation is really about people:

People make connections. Your customer, your employee and your vendor will always connect on a deeper level with another human, rather than a machine. When it comes to optimizing your end user experience, your people will make the difference, not an intuitive machine. You’ll never be able to entirely replace people with machines.

People are creative and intuitive. At least at this point, machines are still a long way from being able to replicate the kinds of creative thinking and intuition that come from humans. A job role like an analyst seems like it could be machine-learned, but while compiling data is perfectly suited for a machine, gathering insights and applying them to business concepts and strategies requires human capabilities.

People supply unique talent. Need buy-in on a special project, or someone to lead a service project? You’ll never find a machine that can inspire others. It’s true of other human talents as well, such as an employee that can strike the right tone for your company’s voice on a sales brochure.

Throughout a digital transformation process, it’s important to have key team members that can adapt to change and fully buy into the vision of your strategy. Your employees will need to feel valuable and that they are a key part of your process. It’s hard to engage and fully participate in a digital transformation process if you feel that it’s something being handed down from leadership. If, instead, you see your role as a key part of a solution and that your contribution is valuable, it’s easier to get excited about and committed to a strategy.

How do you foster this kind of participation in your digital transformation process?

Give employees as much control as possible. This isn’t simply a digital strategy; it’s one that applies to management principles in general. Employees will be more committed to the success of digital transformation if they can see their contributions and where their decisions created opportunities or successful execution.

Encourage more communication. One of the hallmarks of digital transformation is improved application-based communication tools, making it easy for employees to interact within the systems they’re already using. What can’t be replaced are the face-to-face interactions that team members need to build a good working relationship. In addition, some employees simply need more communication to answer their questions and gain information.

Articulate your vision and share it. Your employees want to know why they are working so hard, whether it will be worth it, and how digital transformation impacts their day-to-day work. If you want your team to be invested in the process, you need to spend time on education. After all, would you work hard if a company didn’t explain why your work was important?

At Net Tel One Communications, we can help design a digital transformation strategy that integrates all the right technology while empowering a team to embrace it. Contact us for more information.

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