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What Hosted PBX Can Do for the Small Business

Whether you’re ready to consider options that will better equip your remote employees or you’re a start-up examining phone systems, you should include hosted private branch exchange (PBX) solutions in your evaluation. A hosted PBX solution is uniquely equipped to serve the small business, offering benefits like scalability and reduced costs.

What is hosted PBX? Also referred to as hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), hosted PBX offers the rich features of a PBX system but through a different underlying infrastructure. While a traditional PBX transmits calls over stationary copper wiring, hosted PBX transmits voice data over an internet line. This creates cost savings and flexibility for small businesses:

Reduced costs:For many small businesses, a PBX system has been financially out of reach, but the initial installation cost is minimal with hosted PBX. Because the data is transmitted to a cloud server, there’s no hardware installation for the customer and voice calls are delivered as a service through a subscription-based pay model. You receive an invoice each month based on your number of users, and there are no surprise upgrade or hardware maintenance costs.

In addition, while a traditional PBX system may even require an in-house communications system expert who can track down the root of a problem, hosted PBX takes the burden of managing communications technology off your staff completely. When you consider the cost of employing a PBX system specialist, that’s a big savings.

Scalability: Through a centralized dashboard, you can easily manage the number of users your hosted PBX will support. Within minutes, you can add more users, then remove them when your promotion or busy season has ended. For a small business that may not know how quickly they will grow in the future, this is a valuable benefit.

Features: Hosted PBX effectively levels the playing field for small businesses. While a traditional PBX and all its features may have been too costly in the past, hosted PBX provides all the features you need to present a consistent and professional image to your customers. From call forwarding to a digital receptionist, it is easy to mask the size of your company.

Business continuity: Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attack and natural disasters, but the failover and cloud backup available through hosted PBX ensure your business can continue operations no matter the type of crisis. In addition, because the hosted PBX system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, a power outage or ice storm won’t keep your team from their tasks.

Supporting mobility: One of the most valuable features of hosted PBX is its ability to empower your company to allow for flexible work. Whether you have a valuable employee requesting more time to work from home or a sales team that’s always on the go, they’ll have full access to your phone system for seamless, enhanced productivity.For more information about the specific benefits your small business will experience with hosted PBX, contact us at Net Tel One Communications. From attracting the best talent with flexible work solutions to helping you reduce your communications costs, hosted PBX provides measurable advantages to small businesses.

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