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VoIP vs. Traditional Landline Phone Systems

More and more small businesses are cutting the traditional telephone cord and going with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems. The VoIP works with your internet and provides a host of advantages over landline phones.  Let’s take a look at VoIP vs. traditional phone systems from Fit Small

What is VoIP?

The Voice Over Internet Phone system uses your business’s internet for phone calls and data transmission instead of through traditional copper telephone lines. This system has proven more cost-effective for businesses and has many great features. Equipment can be bought or rented and is supported by your service provider. The system can be cloud hosted.

VoIP Advantages

The system has many advantages compared to landline phones.

  1. Feature rich – You can integrate email, remote conferencing and e-fax into one system

  2. Easy setup – The system can be configured either by computer or smartphone app

  3. Portability – Make and receive calls on the go and keep in touch with traveling employees

  4. Costeffective – VoIP is less costly than traditional phone systems

  5. Cloudbased – The service provider houses, maintains and upgrades the system for you

Landline Phone Disadvantages

The traditional, landline phone can’t hold a candle to today’s VoIP.

  1. Obsolete – Analog telephone systems are obsolete and no longer being improved.

  2. Cost – Landline phones are much costlier than VoIP

  3. Mobility – You are tied to your desk with a landline

  4. Limited features -Call transfer, queuing and PBX hardware that are standard with VoIP are added costs with a landline system

VoIP Gaining Popularity

Small business owners are finding the flexibility and mobility VoIP affords cannot be matched by landline phone systems. With VoIP, businesses no longer have to maintain two separate lines – one for phones and the other for data. Voice and data are on one line through VoIP.

Contact us Net Tel One and learn how VoIP can work for your business. We do it all – design, setup and maintain. We are you sole service provider and have unmatched customer service to back it all up.

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