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VoIP Offers Important Benefits to Doctor’s Offices

VoIP is a good choice for doctors wanting to offer patients superior quality with the flexibility to grow and reduce costs.

What is VoIP? VoIP uses internet lines to transmit phone calls, rather than traditional telephone lines. There are a variety of general benefits that come with switching to VoIP, including saving in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 percent on phone bills. The advanced features available with VoIP also make it possible to further boost the return on investment as the office team develops better efficiencies and processes related to the phone system.

In addition, there are some benefits involved with VoIP that are particular to a healthcare setting:

Patient experience: This aspect of running an effective practice is more important than ever, with a patient’s poor experience only a few clicks away from being shared publicly on social media. Implementing a VoIP solution provides a seamless experience to better serve patients and avoid frustration.

The features available with VoIP allow for calls to be routed without the patient detecting it, which can be helpful if you have multiple locations that you attend on different days. You can also route calls based on caller ID, so that if a patient struggles with an automated system, you can direct the call to a live receptionist.

Productivity: One nice feature of VoIP is its ability to offer a variety of the newest features, without requiring that users access them. A doctor’s office has the ability to convert voicemails into email, so that doctors are able to quickly screen their messages. When calls come in, the receptionist is able to direct the call to voicemail with a click of a mouse. VoIP also allows doctors and other staff to interact with voicemail and other phone system features from a mobile phone

Flexibility: One of the pitfalls of investing in technology is finding that it quickly becomes obsolete. This is not a risk with VoIP, as providers have the ability to upgrade and add features as they become available. Doctors’ offices that sign on with a VoIP service provider can expect the solution to grow with them as they advance.

Contact us today to learn more about how VoIP can benefit your healthcare practice.

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