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VoIP Meets the Cloud

Cloud computing is, without doubt, a major trend in technology today. It has influenced every aspect f the was that businesses conduct their operations, and has revolutionized the way providers deliver content and services. In the communications industry, the advent of the cloud has changed the way voice services are being managed and delivered, while also creating new opportunities for traditional VoIP hardware vendors.

The intersection of cloud and VoIP is nothing new, and in fact “The Mobile VoIP Market 2012-2017″ report from Visiongain shows that in 2002 there were only 121,000 VoIP subscribers in the U.S., generating $5.4 million in annual revenue. By 2012, that number had risen to nearly 30 million subscribers generating around $15.4 billion in revenue, with global revenue around $65 billion last year. That is a significant change, and the cloud and cloud services have certainly contributed to the major uptake and revenue growth in the VoIP sector.

Cloud services raise a number of issues including security and compliance mandates. And the growing prevalence of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has further complicated matters, as more and more workers want the flexibility and convenience of accessing business-sensitive apps and data on their mobile devices. This creates both a challenge and opportunity for service providers and hardware/technology providers alike as they come up with new and all-inclusive ways to meet customer and regulatory demands.

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