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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Cloud PBX by Net Tel One

Are you considering moving your business phone systems into The Cloud?  Here are 10 reasons why doing so is a good idea:

1.  Integration 

Cloud PBX by Net Tel One integrates CRM systems like SalesForce into your business phone system.  Call data is automatically captured and transferring into the CRM system.  Screen pop-ups when customers call telling the employee all about the customer.

2.  Efficiency 

Customers can manage their own PBX through our Customer Portal.  No need to call the phone company to make changes.

3.  Metrics 

Cloud PBX by Net Tel One provides reporting for your phone system including call detail records, call volume graphs, call traffic by extension, and detailed accounting.  You can find out how often your phones are being answered, and times that the most calls are being missed.

4.  Mobility

Employees can work from anywhere. This means you can hire the people who are best for the job, even if they are not close to you.

5.  Growth

There are no capacity limits when it comes to Cloud PBX by Net Tel One.  You can increase or decrease capacity at any time. 

6.  Contact Center 

With Cloud PBX by Net Tel One the phone system and the contact center are connected. 

7.  Coaching and Monitoring Tools

Cloud PBX by Net Tel One can record calls to listen to them later.  Managers can monitor an employee’s phone presence from anywhere, and can listen silently, coach only the employee, or join the call as a third caller. 

8.  Availability and Accessibility

Cloud PBX by Net Tel One has a Find me/Follow me tool that allows you to ring a certain person at up to five locations.  Using the Customer Portal, users can create ring groups to enable multiple extensions to be joined as a group. 

9.  Responsiveness

You will receive an email containing any voice mail you receive through Cloud PBX by Net Tel One.  You can also set up this function to send you a text message when you receive a voice mail. This way, employees are informed right away when they have a voice mail from a customer.

10.  Support

Net Tel One will be there every step of the way to help you with the transition to Cloud PBX; from installation, to teaching employees how to use the system, to support in the future.

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