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Tips on Taking Control of Your Disaster Recovery Solutions

Gain the competitive edge with more robust disaster recovery solutions.

Neither the power of data nor its value are in question. In fact, many industries face tough penalties for having their data breached by cyber criminals, forcing them to come up with strict compliance standards. However, it’s not all about avoiding fines — staying afloat as a business requires that the data be available at all times.

Finding Solutions in the Cloud Seeking out disaster recovery solutions in the cloud is a go-to strategy today. There are a number of perks with a cloud-based method of protecting data including scalability, flexibility, cost savings, data availability and duplication services.

While cloud-based solutions were once quite pricey, the costs have come down, giving more organizations, even smaller ones, the opportunity to embrace top-notch disaster recovery solutions. Some use a hybrid solution where some data is stored on-premise and the rest of it is in the cloud. But depending on your organization, you can customize the way you handle your disaster recovery solutions.

With cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, you’re protecting yourself from a number of situations. For example, if your data is backed up in real time and a cyber criminal unleashes a ransomware attack on you, all of your information will be available in the cloud, giving you the opportunity to fix the bug and deal with the cyber criminal. Organizations that don’t do this wind up paying dearly to regain control of their data.

Duplicated Data

The best vendors of disaster recovery solutions have your data backed up in multiple, geographically disparate data centers. This ensures that should a location be wiped out by a natural disaster or some man-made catastrophe, your data will still be available from a remote data center.

At Net Tel One Communications, we know how important your connectivity is to keeping your business not only afloat, but thriving. That’s why we offer 24-hour support every day of the week. Our clients have multiple options in submitting service requests — via web portal, email or phone. Our off-site backups ensure your disaster recovery protocols are covered, so contact us today to discuss the ways our services will be of value to your organization.

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