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Three Key Steps for Improving Your Cloud Security

Today, innovative cyber criminals continue to evolve and work around protections that have been put in place to keep them out of cloud environments, and cloud security has struggled to keep pace.

One of the main ports of entry for cyber criminals is through gateways left open by risky behavior on the part of the victim. Often, it’s just a lack of education that leaves data and systems vulnerable. But what else can organizations do to protect themselves?

Monitor the Environment

Cloud users are usually looking for speed in their work processes. When accessing data from the cloud, not taking the time to encrypt information will add to that speed, but it also adds risk. Public cloud services also offer speed, but there too remains an element of risk. One way to protect yourself is to monitor your environment.

All risks must be analyzed carefully and prioritized. A firm policy must be set up so employees with access to the system know what they can and cannot do. All of this must be carefully monitored so when risky behavior occurs or when a threat finds its way into your system, it’s dealt with immediately.

Involve All Stakeholders

It’s not just IT’s responsibility to improve cloud security – it takes a village. From the executive suite on down to the mailroom, anyone with access to your system and cloud solutions must get on board with developing a strong cloud security strategy.

With everyone on board, policies can be established that cover all members of your organization, which also improves the accountability factor for employees. Everyone must know that if they have a weakness within their department, it can affect the entire company.

Prioritize Data

State and local laws apply to how you store and protect your data, because more than likely you have identifiable information that can put clients at risk if their data is stolen. Prioritize your data and make sure that only those authorized to access the most sensitive data are able to do so.

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