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The Impact of 5G for Small Businesses

You’ve been hearing about 5G and how it will change the online experience, but as a small business owner you may wonder whether the excitement will really translate into a different experience for your customers. The impact of 5G for small businesses may be even more pronounced than how it’s experienced by bigger organizations.

Remember when just a handful of small businesses had WiFi, and it drew connectivity junkies to their locations to spend hours laboring over a single cup of coffee or one soft drink? That experience is about to resurface. You might see people hanging out in your parking lot or making one small purchase just to get to your 5G connection.

That might be one part of the reality of 5G for small businesses, but through a few companies experimenting with 5G connections, there are key benefits coming that will improve your customers’ experiences:

Better connectivity: Now that your remote employees carry connectivity in their pocket this may not seem like a big deal, but it’s going to enhance their ability to quickly connect and streamline productivity. You can expect to see devices designed to act as a mobile hotspot, allowing your team to access 5G wherever they go.

Supporting video: From training employees to marketing on social media, videos are the preferred format for collecting information. 5G will enhance the video experience, making it easier to get your brand story across or inform employees of the new dress code. This will also better equip companies that use video conferencing to keep virtual teams connected, helping reduce travel costs and enable faster and better-informed decision-making.

Performance: If you’ve ever spent any time in a retail line during the holidays, waiting your turn to get checked out, you can imagine how impactful 5G will be for retailers. While it may only take a few seconds for your credit card transaction to go through, that time may be multiplied by dozens for a small retailer in a single day, and hundreds of times during the holidays.

All of these improvements impact the customer experience and make 5G for small businesses a technology that delivers a big impact. Small businesses can expect to see significant savings from improved connectivity with their own transactions, and will be able to provide customers with a level of connection that draws them to your location.

After years of anticipation, 5G is coming. If you haven’t yet started dreaming of how you might use it to enhance your business operations, it’s time to start working on your vision. Contact us at Net Tel One Communications to find out more about what’s possible with 5G for small businesses.

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