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Taking a Fresh Look at Collaboration Strategy

If your organization is striving to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience while reducing costs, you’ve got a lot in common with other companies that are tackling multiple priorities at the same time. A variety of tools has traditionally been employed to hit these goals, which is why collaboration strategy is getting more attention today.

Your clients have high expectations, which means you’re constantly striving to keep their business, and that takes the right tools to make the right connections on a consistent basis, regardless of what device you’re using. Part of being a productive entity is ensuring that all internal and external interactions are seamless.

The Importance of Planning

As new technology comes in and integrates with older technology, a plan must be in place so that all implementations launch without a hitch. Unfortunately, many organizations make that mistake — a lack of planning, which leads to some obvious headaches, including a less-than-seamless record of connections. This failure to plan will impact productivity and your ability to hit targets in regard to the customer experience, reducing costs and meeting operational efficiency standards.

In planning your collaboration strategy, you might find that some of your hardware is outdated and will not integrate well with newer technology. Make sure you’re taking stock of your company needs and that you’re making the right decisions for the future.

For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping organizations become more streamlined. Measure how including this technology will improve your processes, and make sure existing technology aligns with it. If the existing technology does not align, make arrangements to update or upgrade.

AI, when incorporated correctly, becomes a high-functioning digital assistant, which brings automation to the table. Many of the mundane tasks performed by IT can now be automated by AI, which generates more data and leads to more insights. Furthermore, systems can be more easily monitored with AI, raising red flags that need immediate attention.


One pervasive technique being used in collaboration strategy today includes consolidating. When you jettison the idea of multiple point solutions and accept that a unified communications and collaboration platform adds value to your operation, you’re going down the right path.

For organizations that have consolidated and adopted a single technology stack, they’re creating a platform where all communications become more functional. This includes everything from voice and mobile apps to text and screen sharing to video and chat — it’s the full package.

At Net Tel One Communications, we’re actively assisting many organizations with a number of technological solutions. Contact us, and let’s discuss your unique needs.

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