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Strategic Planning Improves the Digital Transformation Process

Establish your goals early and ensure a smoother digital transformation process.

In fact, addressing culture issues is high on the list for organizations that have navigated digital transformation successfully. Research by PwC found that 75% of companies that attempt a digital transformation without addressing digital culture will likely be unsuccessful.

What proactive steps can your organization take to improve your digital culture?

Think Wide Scope for New Team Members

Are you hiring people for a specific job? Of course you are, but are you also looking at their wider skillsets? Digital culture requires that you have people on your team that can wear more than one hat. They need to be flexible because the tools you’re using today are may not be relevant for long, which means your employees need to be ready to evolve.

Establish Goals Early

Digital transformation for your organization won’t look the same as it does for another business. You should have unique goals for what digital transformation means to you. Without making these distinctions, you may lean towards being too general when it comes to making decisions about hardware and software.

Define your goals and then seek out the best tools that will address them. Don’t leave anyone out in this process – the more inclusion you have, the better you can shape your goals and drive a successful digital transformation.

Plan for Today and Tomorrow

You might be motivated to plan for what can give you the edge over your competition today, but is that going to be enough to get you through months down the road? You need to create a culture that also takes into account what will happen in the future. Look past your goals and find the disruptive tools that will give you a long-standing competitive edge.

Change is rarely easy, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating, even in something as complex as a digital transformation. With thorough planning and a focus on visibility, the process can be rewarding, especially if you’re working with a partner that can put you in touch with the tools that lead to success.

At Net Tel One Communications, we can help you find the tools you need to gain a competitive edge. Contact us and let’s talk about your unique needs and how we can assist you in reaching your digital goals.

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