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Seeking Value for Your Business With VoIP

This article by Geoff Caplan was originally posted on VoIPNow.

Is Internet telephony the answer?

It’s all about the bottom line. We know it. You know it. Now, how do you max those profits with technology?

Well, one way is with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Maybe you’re confused. There are so many products, acronyms and variations of Internet Protocol (IP) voice and data technology. By the way, we’re talking about voice and data through the Internet; it’s as simple as that.

A prime goal here at is to “distill” it all in ways that make sense to your bottom line.


You constantly hear about “the cloud.” The fact is, it’s impacting Internet Telephony in a big way. Actually, the cloud makes Hosted VoIP possible.

Why VoIP Cloud Hosting

Upon further examination, we believe it’s the essential, core element, the method in which IP Telephony will be able to most effectively grow and expand with business needs. And that is a very significant fact.

  1. Flexibility and Convenience. With the advent and growth of the Virtual Office and remote telecommunications steadily on the increase, it represents a shift away from traditional centralized workforce requirements.

  2. Game Changer. VoIP Cloud Hosting changes the rules of the game. Yes, it’s actually a major paradigm shift that’s taking place.

  3. Mobile Devices. Mobile devices are everywhere and Broadband is practically everywhere now. With improved bandwidth, there are more opportunities to utilize VoIP Cloud Hosting. From virtually anywhere.

  4. Enhanced Reliability. Do It Yourself (DIY) VoIP service runs the risk of server failures, electrical failures, service interruptions due to hardware issues, and much more. VoIP Cloud Hosting provides reliability and avoids or at least minimizes these risks. How? VoIP Cloud Hosting vendors have extra back-ups to maintain maximum uptime.

  5. Expense. It’s costly to maintain your own data center. Hosting vendors have their own facilities and have allowed for the expenses that might be involved.

  6. Less Maintenance. It frees up your staff from the burden – and your company’s expense – in maintaining your own data center.

  7. Security. Security is mission-critical to more and more businesses today. Also maintaining “in house” voice and data communications, especially at different locations, increases these threats. Forward-thinking businesses are realizing that outsourcing to a VoIP Cloud Hosting Provider is more practical on every level of operations.

Despite all of these advantages, our view of the industry is that business customer adoption is not yet up to vendor expectations. This is probably because many businesses are still reluctant to “outsource” their critical Internet telephony infrastructure. But things are changing.

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