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Security Risks and Improving Network Stability

Given the security risks that seem to grow more complex on a daily basis, more organizations are looking beyond strengthening their networks; they’re also examining foundational aspects such as core business processes.

For organizations that consider themselves digital businesses, there are usually three important aspects of the foundation of their system: agility, automation, and analytics. The smooth operation of these three important pieces of the puzzle is integral in keeping up with business goals.

Automation is part of what keeps us in line and thriving, but all automated tasks must be monitored. Real-time analysis of these tasks will help catch discrepancies. However, there must also be priority placed on protecting data regardless of where it is located. This requires a seamless level of security.

Strategize Correctly

Whether your network is highly compartmentalized and local or extensively spread out, there needs to be a security strategy in place to protect it. This often takes specialized security tools and a knowledgeable team to administrate all action. Keeping end users educated and protected is also a good strategy to keep in mind.

Managing Fragile Processes

There is a problem in many systems where networks are fragile (for various reasons), which makes them vulnerable to all the risks that cybercriminals pose today. You need to find customized solutions to improve your security controls, especially those that are in charge of securing operational technology environments.

Utilize the Cloud

You can achieve a great deal of flexibility in your security strategy by utilizing cloud-based solutions. However, you have to keep in mind that when you implement Software as a Service solutions, you lose a degree of visibility, which must be accounted for in your strategy.

Choose a cloud vendor that can offer you a single point of visibility for greater control.

Be Adaptable

Cybercriminals won’t stop innovating and evolving, which means you have to be ready to tackle complexities and technological challenges along the way. Your threat intelligence strategies must be agile and scalable.

At Net Tel One Communications, our focus is on supplying our clients with the latest technology that can stand up to the threats out there that continue to evolve. Contact us today to talk about the solutions that can help protect you from an attack and keep your data safe.

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