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Securing Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Multi-cloud approaches come with important benefits, but also with security vulnerabilities.

On the other side, multi-cloud solutions come with a few critical security vulnerabilities:

  1. Unlike a cloud migration in which the company chooses just one public cloud, you can’t rely on a provider’s built-in security tools. They simply won’t cover your other cloud providers’ solutions.

  2. What is built in for access control configurations for one public cloud application won’t work on another platform. You’ll have to maintain and manage your own access control.

  3. Many providers have some type of shared responsibility when it comes to security, but this will become more complicated as you handle a multi-cloud situation.

  4. With a multi-cloud environment, you’re more likely to have hidden vulnerabilities, simply because there are more opportunities for “cracks.”

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to address the additional potential vulnerabilities that come with a multi-cloud environment. It’s important to embrace practices that secure the infrastructure and protect your investments.

  1. You will likely require a third-party, agnostic security solution that supports whatever combination of cloud solutions you use. You may still want to take advantage of the security measures taken by each cloud provider, but a comprehensive strategy is critical.

  2. Automate as many of your security practices as possible. From monitoring to backup and other activities, taking the human element out helps protect your systems and keeps things from falling through the cracks because of an oversight.

  3. Use the least privilege access control as your default setting. Work through this by locking down access to the bare minimum and then granting users only what they need to do their jobs.

  4. Prioritize security in your cloud selection process. While every cloud comes with some security risk, there may be varying levels of risk with each cloud choice depending on the type of workload you intend to deploy with them. You can assign a weight to this metric and use it alongside other considerations, such as cost and support levels, to help you choose your cloud providers.

  5. One of the advantages of a multi-cloud approach is that you have the flexibility to switch clouds if security becomes an issue. Watch for warning signs that security isn’t up to your standards, and make the switch before a major event makes you wish you’d moved sooner.

From choosing the right cloud providers to ensuring your security approach is protecting every potential vulnerability, Net Tel One Communications wants to be your trusted technology partner. Contact us for more information.

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