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Reliable Communications is a Must

Today’s business world relies on communications more than ever. So, it’s never been more important to have a reliable communications system.

At Net Tel One, we offer our own, state-of-the art cloud communications and disaster recovery system that keeps you up and running in the event of a network failure.

No Downtime

If your local area or wide area communications network goes down our exclusive cloud system virtually eliminates any downtime of your business communication system. This allows calls between your customers, employees and vendors to continue seamlessly.

In addition, your data is backed up, managed and ready for rapid recovery with our hosted Unified Communications system.

Unified Communications is a state-of-the-art, seamless integration of voice, applications, chat, presence and other technologies. It greatly improves your communication processes and business productivity.

Our system enables you to seamlessly incorporate our cloud services and provides access to your account.


The Town of Hanover turned to us to upgrade their phone system. Not just for town hall, but for the police and fire departments’ 911 system.

“We took Net Tel One on a trial basis at town hall and since then, expanded the use of their phone system,” said Town Manager Troy Clarkson.

That expansion included the emergency 911 phone system.

“To know that when the 911 call comes into our police station and the call is then transferred to the fire department for an ambulance, the system that we use is reliable.” Clarkson said.

A Private Network

We at Net Tel One manage our own communication system. It’s a great advantage to our customers who depend on a reliable network.

“When you’re on the public internet, you are competing with everybody in your neighborhood,” said Net Tel One President and CEO Chris O’Neill. “That can cause call drops and choppy audio. If you have your own private network, you are no longer competing with that. “

Having a private network allows us to have full control over quality and security.

“We manage everything, 100 percent,” said Net Tel One CTO Greg O’Neill.

Our Systems

Our cloud-based and premise-based systems are unmatched for reliability. As your business needs grow, our systems’ capabilities and features grow along with you to meet your needs. Our cloud system is endlessly scalable, flexible and reliable.

24/7 Support

We are here night and day for you should an issue arise. Call us today at 781-843-3733 so we can help find a solution that meets your communication needs.

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