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Protecting Yourself from Cloud Security Threats

There is no shortage of cloud security threats today, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a sitting duck. Gaining an edge on the criminal elements among us can be as easy as shoring up employee behavior and finding the right agent to guide you to the best solutions.

Are you properly securing access to credentials? This is one of the biggest issues facing organizations of all sizes today. One place you need to investigate now is your authentication methods because, while you might think they’re secure, credentials are a particularly weak point that can provide an open door to cyber criminals.

For example, are you utilizing multi-factor authentication? You face significant risks if you aren’t using this in your security toolbox, especially if you’ve invested in cloud-based solutions. A weak password provides a chance for a hacker to get in from a remote area.

Once a hacker gets in, they’re able to gain access to all your data, and worse yet — they’re able to create new accounts, which can make it even more difficult to remediate the situation after you’ve discovered a breach.

Best Practices

By ignoring a provider’s best practices, you significantly increase the risks to which you and your company are exposed. For example, if you’ve ever heard someone discuss issues with AWS S3 buckets, it’s usually a situation where they’ve gone against their provider’s best practices.

Cloud providers are a great source of guidance and they often have the documentation to back it up. They are the best source for knowing how to properly deploy their resources, so it’s recommended that you follow through on them while also doing everything on your end to protect against cloud security threats.


Employees are often the weakest link in a cyber security threat analysis. They don’t practices good password hygiene, they don’t know about the various threats that exist out there, and they fall victim to phishing scams. By doing your part to educate everyone with access to the system, you’re going to make your employees less of an internal threat and more of an asset to your security strategy.

To stay in front of the cloud security threats, you need the services of a trusted agent, and that’s what we have to offer at Net Tel One Communications. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the solutions that will be a perfect fit for your organization.

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