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Net Tel One Customers Speak Out

You’ve heard us here at Net Tel One talk about the unmatched personal customer service and innovative communication products we offer for businesses and municipalities. Now, our customers are talking about us.

Troy Clarkson, town manager for the Town of Hanover, Joanne Tully, vice president and COO of Braintree Cooperative Bank and Larry May, president of Walter May Insurance Co. of Hingham are a sampling of the satisfied customers that we serve. Check out their testimonial video on our website.

Troy explains that when he became town manager, his mission was to modernize the technology infrastructure in Hanover Town Hall. He turned to Net Tel One after looking at what other communication companies offered.

“We did our due diligence,” he said. “It was important to us to have a company that will support us that is accessible.”

After a trial basis at town hall, Troy said the Net Tel One system was expanded to include the 911 emergency phone system at the police and fire departments.

“To know that when the call comes in to our police station and the call is then transferred to the fire department to send out an ambulance, that the system that we use is reliable,” Troy said.

Joanne said her when her bank was looking for a reliable phone service provider, the name, Net Tel One, kept coming up.

“A lot of the decision process to go with Net One Tel was the feedback I got from current clients that said how responsive they were,” said Joanne. “That spoke to me because that’s our mission, too.”

She explained how Net Tel One President and CEO Chris O’Neill worked with her to customize the phone system for her bank’s needs.

“We saw what he could do for the business,” she said. “He asked more questions than any other vendor did. He wanted to know about us. Our system was built for what we needed.”

Joanne said that it’s important for her bank to have a reliable phone system.

“We want the quality of our calls to be top notch,” she said. “We can’t miss a phone call and we can’t drop a phone call.”

Larry said he received many calls from various phone service providers asking him to try their systems. He explained that it was a whole different experience when talking with Chris at Net Tel One.

“When you run into someone like Chris who says, ‘Hey, this is the right way to do it. This is what will be best for you,’” said Larry. “I know how to sell my business…I’m also trying to run my business. I don’t know what to do about the phones.”

Troy, Joanne and Larry also noted that with our Voice Over IP internet system, voice mails are bounced to their email that they can accessed on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

“I don’t have to be sitting at my desk anymore to get my voice mails,” said Joanne.

Added Larry, “It drastically changed my business. Employees can stay home on a rainy day or a snowy day and get business done.”

Troy said he could receive his voice messages while vacationing on a beach in St. Martin.

They agree that prompt, reliable customer service is a must. They know that Net Tel One will be there if any issue arises. As Larry says, Chris is just a phone call away.

“I have his cell phone number,” he said.

Chris’ business partner and CTO, Greg O’Neill – who happens to be Chris’ younger brother – said Net Tel One has its own, secure system where we manage quality and security. And if there is ever a problem, Net Tel One will deal with it, even if the source is with another carrier.

“If your Comcast is down, we’ll take care of it,” said Greg.

Chris said that’s what sets Net Tel One apart from the other companies.

“We truly believe that we can be the best in the world with managing the customer from start to finish with one bill, one system, one point of contact with management for everything voice related,” said Chris. “It’s 100 percent Net Tel One. We want to take those worries away from you. Do right by the customer and they will do right by you. That’s what I truly believe in.”

About Net Tel One Communications, Inc.

Net Tel One is locally owned and we guarantee call quality and uptime through our private network. While there may be other companies out there that can deliver similar products, it’s all about how it is delivered. At Net Tel One, we are committed to each and every client. Call us today and put us to work for your business.


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