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Move to IP Telephony Dubbed ‘Irreversible’

This article was written by Rachel Ramsey, TMCnet Web Editor.

Recent research from ITU Telecom World 2012 declared the move to IP telephony as “irreversible.” The adoption of business VoIP systems has become popular as organizations realize the benefits of the Internet-based phone system. In addition to lower costs, IP telephony systems offer versatility for application, rich features, user-friendly interfaces and mobility for on-the-go businesses.

However, business VoIP represents just under 10 percent of all business access lines, compared to a 37-percent penetration rate for consumers. Although that number is low today, enterprises are expected to adopt VoIP at a CAGR of 15 percent through 2014, according to CTI Technology.

Many global small businesses have yet to adopt VoIP solutions, which could be putting them at a competitive disadvantage. “Small businesses often have the most to gain from new technological tools, and failing to incorporate these solutions into an overall IT strategy could put firms at a competitive disadvantage in the coming years,” a recent TEO article explained.

While some concerns for businesses hesitating to adopt VoIP systems may have been justified in the early days of VoIP, advances in technology have obviated most of the drawbacks and greatly increased the benefits. The sound quality of VoIP calls has improved dramatically year-on-year and continues to do so. As well as improved call quality, VoIP technology has advanced in other ways, making it an increasingly attractive option.

ITU secretary general Hamadoun I Toure said, “How traditional telecommunication players should best adapt business models to embrace the IP era remains a key question.”

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