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Managing Increasingly Complex Security Concerns With SECaaS

Every month there’s a different major global brand in the news, caught up in a cybersecurity breach that compromises consumer information and costs the company millions to recover from. The ever-changing nature of security concerns is driving interest in a new approach: Security as a Service (SECaaS).

The approach isn’t revolutionary in an age where enterprises and consumers alike are outsourcing everything possible. Ownership no longer has quite the same appeal, as the owners themselves begin to recognize the true cost of aging hardware and other equipment, as well as the added cost of keeping it secure.

The cost of hiring a security team alone makes SECaaS appealing. In the past, an enterprise needed to set up a perimeter-focused security system and then, aside from a few scans, leave it to protect the network. Now, security teams take resources away from business objectives as IT struggles to keep up with threats that change almost constantly. The benefits of choosing SECaaS make it a pretty easy decision:

Better security: The biggest motivator for choosing SECaaS is that the service providers for security are focused on handling the changing nature of cybersecurity attacks. They are equipped with better prevention strategies, monitoring, and handling recovery after a breach.

Up-to-date technology: While your IT team could make a full-time job (and they do, by necessity) of looking ahead to the next potential security threat and the tools that might guard against it, a SECaaS provider is informed about these resources and implementing new applications, probably before you’ve ever heard of them.

Scalability: As your enterprise grows or experiences seasonality, the impact to security is easily absorbed by your SECaaS provider. You’ll pay on a subscription model, just like other managed services, and only pay for as much security management as you need. In addition, as your business model changes, SECaaS allows you to add or take away components to address requirements.

Skills management: One of the biggest challenges for IT is simply keeping the team staffed with the right skills, and it’s a bit more critical when it comes to security. SECaaS provides your company with an answer to the constant skills gap problem, giving you access to up-to-date skills and technology training without struggling to fill those positions in-house.

Net Tel One Communications provides the security support you need to allow you to focus on running your enterprise. Contact us to learn more about SECaaS and how outsourcing your security can lead to a bigger future for your team.

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