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Introducing Net Tel One’s Mobile App – ClickConnex

Today’s Mobile Workforce: There’s an App for That!

Since today’s workforce is becoming more mobile, it’s essential for a company to have reliable mobile communications. At Net Tel One, we offer one of the most innovative and robust mobile solutions – a mobile app for smartphones that keeps business owners, employees and clients seamlessly connected.

More and more employees are working from home or are on the road. According to industry specialists, the U.S. mobile worker population will spike from the current 96 million to more than 105 million by 2020. That’s why it’s so important to have a technologically advanced mobile solution in place for your business and your field employees.

How does it work?

The mobile app is downloaded on your employees’ smartphone. All business calls – outgoing and ingoing – are directed to the employees’ smartphone through the app using your business phone number. The app offers your company the flexibility for employees to use their own smartphone or a company issued device. The mobile app features include:

  1. One click to join conference calls

  2. Extension dialing to co-workers

  3. Personal and business phone directories at your employees’ fingertips

  4. Access to company international and distance dialing plan

  5. View recent calls

  6. Manage and listen to voice messages

  7. Employees can choose their own ringtone to differentiate from a personal call

Why the mobile app?

The app creates a virtual office where employees can stay seamlessly connected with your business and clients wherever they go. In today’s mobile business world, this app will give your company the edge over your competitors. Other reasons why your business needs the mobile app:

  1. Never miss an important business call

  2. Clients can reach employees through one business phone number

  3. Eliminates trying to track down busy employees on multiple phone numbers

  4. Streamlines and improves communications

  5. Seamlessly connects a fast-moving and distributed workforce

Keep Your Business Safe

Although business calls are directed to your employees’ personal smartphone, none of their personal information is revealed. The app also ensures that all business calls continue to be routed to your company should a worker leave your employment.

About Net Tel One

We at Net Tel One offer the latest technology, service and support in voice, data and infrastructure solutions for your business’s telecommunication needs. Since 2002, we have been designing and installing traditional and cloud hosted telephone and data systems for small and medium sized businesses.

We also offer cutting-edge 24/7 customer support.  Requests for service can be submitted by email, phone or our web portal. We are your service provider. So, no matter what the source of the problem is – be it another provider’s network or with a carrier – we will take care of it. You will never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.”

Net Tel One is locally owned and we guarantee call quality and uptime through our private network. While there may be other companies out there that can deliver similar products, it’s all about how it is delivered. At Net Tel One, we are committed to each and every client. Call us today and put us to work for your business.


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