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How to Approach Digital Transformation and Get Results

Innovation is an overly used word today. As technology evolves at a rapid pace, organizations are put in a position where, if they don’t keep innovation high on the list of priorities, they’ll fall behind. This is especially true as digital transformation is something a majority of businesses are taking on.

If you’ve already begun the digital transformation process and have had less than stellar results, you’re not alone. What people are learning is that to effectively make the transformation, you have to implement a fairly intense pre-planning strategy that requires you to think in new ways.

More Than Implementation

Digital transformation takes place in many different ways. However, it’s much more than simply launching a new website or eliminating paper processes. It’s about taking an extremely broad view of all your technologies and formulating digital initiatives, learning new ways to work with digital data, making sure all your partners are in-line with your new processes and monitoring your situation in a flexible manner that allows for change when needed.

The Digital Pivot

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to make the digital pivot. In many cases, organizations have found they need to make a variety of pivots. This involves bringing in a mix of technologies that can perform as needed in different parts of your business. This includes tools that positively affect workflow, often in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). The vast majority of organizations that take on AI report that they see value in that investment. In fact, the improvement to workflows associated with AI has these organizations catching up to and surpassing the competition.

By partnering with a trusted agent, you can avoid some of the hurdles that come with implementing AI and other technologies involved with digital pivots. For example, some companies have reported various vulnerabilities that leave them open to potential attacks from cybercriminals, which leads to ethical concerns as well as privacy concerns that must be accounted for in your detailed planning strategy.

Picking Leaders

There will be a lot of discussion about technology in your digital transformation effort, but you must also focus on people, beginning with those who will lead the initiative. Involving leaders from all different parts of the company will ease some of the pain points that can come with a digital transformation, but you must also include C-Suite individuals — the decision-makers who must be ready to take a flexible approach as you figure out what will work and what’s not working. It’s an investment that has value in the end, even if some costs can be associated with being flexible.

Partnering with an agent that knows about the latest technology and how it will fit in with your workflow will take out much of the concerns about your budget. At Net Tel One Communications, we are an experienced leader in assisting clients with their technology needs. Contact us, and let’s talk about how to build a strategy that works for you.

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