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How Collaboration Is Changing the Definition of Success

The deployment process for many organizations has slowly evolved over the last several years, but that evolution has begun to speed up. Whereas collaboration planners once focused on bringing in the most appropriate technology, deploying it correctly and troubleshooting any hiccups, they’re now thinking about what “success” actually means as they move more toward applications, including platform-as-a-service technology.

Fortunately, there are resources available to you that can deliver excellent application programming interface (API) capabilities, as well as plug-ins, that offer collaboration tools that can optimize workflows. Like most organizations, you’re probably focused on digitization, and there are plenty of communication platforms out there with platform-as-a-service capabilities, fully ushering your organization into the digitized environment.

By jumping on APIs now, you can get ahead of the competition, as the adoption rate of such technology is still in its infancy.

Affecting Workflow

Collaboration planners are still focused on workflow, as that’s often one of the key metrics that are monitored to help define success. The antiquated approach would be to bring in a new application and let the employees loose with it so they can “learn on the go.” That doesn’t work in today’s environment.

Collaboration planners today are still rolling out the application, but instead of opening the flood gates, they’re taking baby steps — working with individuals, going department by department to make sure they’re taking the right approach and positively impacting workflow as much as possible.

Measuring Impact

Success was once defined as, “well, people are using it, so it must be a success.” Now, “success” is a word that can only be used if your collaboration efforts have improved your workflow.

To know whether or not you have succeeded, you have to measure your results. Did you save money through this effort? Are your clients leaving more positive remarks? Are you realizing more profits? These are all questions that have to be answered before you can say the deployment was a success. Make sure you’re being insightful and monitoring as much as possible, making alterations where necessary. By working through a qualified and experienced agent, you can ensure the technology and management services you need to achieve the true definition of success occur.

At Net Tel One Communications, our approach to collaboration begins with a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. We can match you with the right technology to advance your success strategy. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can assist you in reaching your definition of success.

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