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Gain the Competitive Edge with a Great Disaster Recovery Plan

Unless you luck into a situation where an employee is a disaster recovery expert, it’s likely your planning around how you’ll respond in the event of a disaster will require some outside expertise. The question is — how do you know you’ve got the right expert helping you?

Given the amount of cybercriminal activity going on today, there is no shortage of disaster recovery experts out there giving advice. One way to narrow down whom you should be listening to is to pick one with actual experience within your industry. For example, if you’re in online retail, pick an expert who has experience outlining strategies and recommending technology for online retailers like you.

Furthermore, your consultant should be able to size up exactly what your recovery time objectives should be, as well as determine your recovery point objective. Also, they will have the experience to look at your system and see where there are gaps and offer advice on shoring up those gaps.

Staying in Tune with Trends Technology trends are often called “trends” because technology evolves fairly rapidly. Does your disaster recovery consultant have the ability to keep up with it all? If you’ve done some investigating yourself and have read good things about a new and effective disaster recovery solution and your consultant hasn’t heard about it, they’re likely to push something archaic on you.

Some might say that disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has made consultants obsolete, but that’s not true. Your consultant should be familiar with a number of DRaaS providers, one of which should be a good fit for your industry.

Team Strategy Your consultant might be brought in to help you get hooked up with the latest and best technology, but they should also have expertise in helping your team strategy, because every organization needs a disaster recovery team that is in charge of reacting, like a first responder, in the event of a disaster.

A consultant can assist in planning who gets what role and what exactly they’ll do during the disaster to keep it from being a total disruption.

By partnering with the right agent, you can gain all of the disaster recovery support you need. At Net Tel One Communications, we’re that agent able to connect you to technology that will help you stay protected in the event of a disaster. Contact us and let’s discuss your business goals and the technology that will help you reach those goals.


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