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Don’t Miss Out On The Cost Savings of VoIP

Buying a business phone system for your company is an important decision and one that must be made with a lot of thought and consideration. Understanding your business needs and then examining the different types of phone systems would help in making the right decision. There are three main types of phone systems currently available in the market. These are the PBX system, Key system and KSU-less system. The system you opt for would depend largely on the number of lines and the features that you need for your business operations. However, there is a fourth option, which is VoIP. This technology provides voice calling through the Internet and can prove considerably cheaper, in addition to other benefits.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology facilitates making and receiving calls through the Internet. VoIP offers cost savings plus innovative features. There is the consumer VoIP and the business phone system, where remote offices are linked to a single phone system and have extension-to-extension connections. Improvement in audio quality and reduced cost of technology has accelerated the growth of VoIP in business operations. As reliability improves and prices fall, it is likely VoIP phone systems will replace traditional phone networks in the future, making it an extremely suitable option for both small and large companies.

With the increased usage in a business enterprise, it makes sense to opt for a VoIP phone service. Businesses are saving up to 80% on their monthly telephone bills by moving to a VoIP phone service plus getting several additional features as well. Features, compatibility and functions may differ among the many business phones and you will have to decide what kind of phone would support the day-to-day needs of your organization.

Advantages The advanced features of a business VoIP phone service could include desk-to-desk calling, which translates into connecting all your remote offices in various locations with a single telephone service. Most VoIP service providers also offer conference calling, automated attendants, music on hold and  much more. Plus, it all comes with a high-speed Internet connection, which gives your calls perfect clarity and total security.

The advances in Internet technology have added to the many benefits of a VoIP phone service. Business owners can now enhance their telephone communications with the help of features like voicemail to email, auto attendance, call waiting and forwarding, multiple lines and much more. The advantage here is that unlike the conventional telephone service, these additional features come with the VoIP phone service and customers are not charged separately for each feature. The VoIP phone service is a feature-rich and low-cost telephone solution and switching to it would substantially reduce your telephone bills. Costs of international calls using the VoIP phone service are much lower than the PSTN system and you would have a global number which can be used anywhere in the world and is not restricted to your location.

Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX services are a very cost-efficient way for small business enterprises to utilize the best business VoIP phone service.

Hosted PBX The hosted PBX service has all the advantages of using business VoIP phone service and does not require a large investment to purchase network equipment. The equipment remains with the service provider, which ensures that problems with the service are resolved remotely by the provider. The hosted service also helps you to take advantage of any redundancy and backups that otherwise would require more money if they were on premise. Phones need to be bought or leased only when needed and your system can grow with your future needs. System changes and updates are taken care of by the service provider, who also provides all the necessary support, so there is no additional staff recruitment for this purpose.

Managed PBX In the managed PBX service, you can outsource the management of your PBX system. You get a total system solution for the payment of a monthly fee. Your voice and data solutions are all maintained and service hitches are all managed remotely. If the technician needs to come to your office or location, the service provider is totally responsible for solving the existing problem. The managed services can also give you reports and statistics vital for your business operations. Managed PBX services normally charge according to the number of lines, making this the ideal solution for small businesses. In a managed service agreement, a technical specialist is assigned to each customer. This representative keeps an eye on the account, maintains it and resolves all problems.

SIP Trunking SIP trunking can enable a business enterprise to make optimum use of the installed IP-PBX’s and connect over IP not only on the business premises, but also outside it. The SIP trunk is provided by the VoIP service provider to link up with the PSTN system. This is a versatile and cost-effective method that gives you all the benefits of a business VoIP phone service, but your existing IP PBX system remains together with the Internet connection for voice and data. You can take steps to streamline your existing communications system while moving to a hosted VoIP service.

Features and Cost There are several VoIP providers and it is important to get all the information before making a decision. This involves getting multiple quotations and comparison of all the features being offered as well as what kind of VoIP system your organization needs to streamline its telephone and communication systems. The system you choose would depend on the number of employees and your specific needs.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the VoIP telephone system offers substantial cost savings over the traditional PSTN system. There are several add-on features besides the normal telephone features which are usually offered free of cost by the provider.

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