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Customer Support How-to Tutorial Videos

Net Tel One Launches Customer Support How-to Tutorial Video Library

We, at Net Tel One Communications, offer superior customer support. When you purchase a product or service from us, you’re never left hanging trying to figure out how it works. On our website, we offer easy-to-follow, how-to training videos and user guides for all our products.

For example, on our support page, you will find there are 12 video tutorials for each of our Yealink business phone series explaining various uses. Each tutorial is short – the introductory about two minutes, a few about a minute or less and the majority are well under 60 seconds.  In less than 10 minutes, these tutorials will teach you everything you need to know clearly and concisely.

Among the uses the tutorials explain are:

  1. Using the directory – explains how contacts are created

  2. Placing, receiving and ending calls –explains how internal and external calls can be placed and received as well as use of the speakerphone

  3. Voicemail setup – shows how your mailbox can be accessed including shared or general mailboxes

  4. Parking calls – explains how callers can be placed on hold without being transferred

  5. Using the conference call feature – shows how multiple callers can be joined

  6. Call history – explains how missed or previous calls can be viewed and called

  7. Transferring calls – blind transfer or attended transfer are explained

  8. Using the paging feature – this shows how phones at your physical location can be paged or phones with a different paging option

  9. Introductory – a full overview of the phone and its features and uses are given

  10. Picking Up Calls – explains how another phone that is ringing can be answered through your phone

  11. Using BFL status keys – one touch extension use is explained and how the status of a user can be determined

  12. Putting calls on hold – explains placing a caller on hold

You will also find a tutorial explaining an option of how voicemails from the phone can be transferred to your email.

Each video shows a close-up of the phone’s feature that is being explained. As the explanation is given, the function is clearly demonstrated.

We also have manufacturer user guides– PDFs that can be downloaded – for various phones, administrative software, and voicemail applications that we offer. These provide detailed, in-depth instructions and information for each product.

If you need help with any of our products or services, we are just a phone call away- 24/7. You can also send an email to our support team and communicate directly with a member or submit a service request through our web portal.

Net Tel One designs and install traditional premise based and cloud-hosted IP phone systems for small to medium sized businesses. We offer cutting-edge technology including SIP trunking, designing and installing network cabling infrastructure and unmatched customer support. Contact us today.

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