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Can You Avoid a Ransomware Attack?

Too many organizations are being hit with ransomware, and you’ve probably already heard about many big-name organizations that have fallen victim. How can you stop this trend in cybercrime from disrupting your day, week, or month?

For more than a year now, WannaCry, a ransomware virus, has plagued organizations of all sizes. Another big name in ransomware is SamSam, which has wreaked havoc on a number of systems, holding data hostage and completely disrupting business. This costs organizations in terms of time, money, reputation, and the ability serve clients.

How It Happens

The most vulnerable aspect of any system, assuming it’s been set up correctly, is its users. Cybercriminals send over malicious emails that entice an unwary employee to click on a link, opening the system up to malware.

Often called phishing or spearphishing, these attempts have been highly successful, first in targeting larger organizations, and now hitting even the smallest. However, employees exploring corrupt websites can also pick up malicious files that infect their company’s system.

Vulnerabilities are made more apparent when IT staff is already spread too thin and are unable to patch up known vulnerabilities in an efficient manner. Given the fact that many networks are already complex, this lack of manpower becomes a huge security issue.

How to Prevent It

Taking a strategic approach is key in working to prevent an attack. First, take an inventory of all your active devices. Your security devices need to be integrated so they can communicate when a threat is detected.

The next step is to start keeping real-time track of all activity so you’ll be able to detect a threat the second it is recognized. The faster you catch a threat, the less damage it can do.

When you are connected with the right telecommunications vendor, you’re able to keep up with the latest technology that can help you fight cybercrime and avoid ransomware attacks. For example, gaining access to the right cloud PBX puts you in contact with solutions that are built to keep your mission-critical systems and applications running.

At Net Tel One Communications, we not only provide cloud PBX, but we’re also able to provide the kind of maintenance and support that keeps our clients connected 24/7/365. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you.

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