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Benefits From An Upgraded Phone System In Schools During Covid

Before we get into the benefits, just an over view of what we are talking about here.

Phones are highly used in Schools still - and many other other municipalities.

Chances are the phones are older and under used for their capabilities or just incapable. During this pandemic we quickly learned how useful our Voip system can be used in a number of helpful ways.

With the future before us and the image of how school used to be, no one can quite say how this will all continue on. Maybe we go back to a very "normal" before covid time. Or maybe we don't. The point being is having the technology and solutions to pivot in times has become essential.

An internet based communication system is the answer - we have the security, robust, feature rich solution. For example, if we need to quickly pivot again, an older system will deem itself useless. But a Voip system can quickly be transformed into a connection from school to teacher, from teacher to student. All while keeping teachers information safely private. Calls can be directed anywhere. And as quickly as it transforms into a mobile on the go system, it can easily go back to just being used at home base.

We see this as being an excellent option for system administrators, in figuring out how will their teachers and staff stay connected and communicate. Many other features could also come in handy, such as extension dialing, sms texting as well. The possibilities are endless to keep your school connected.

Contact us today to receive a quote for services at your school, and more information. 866-3-NETTEL

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