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2 Essentials for Ongoing Digital Transformation

There’s no room for a finish line or even stagnation in an enterprise pursuing digital transformation. In order to remain competitive and relevant, enterprises will keep their foot on the gas, pursuing perpetual innovation rather than fixating on an endpoint.

The dangers of ignoring innovation can be seen in the glaring example of Blockbuster, which saw its entire business model go extinct under the looming shadow of Netflix. In an age where smartphones are updated every week and apps are rolling out new features almost by the day, no company can survive that doesn’t embrace ongoing digital transformation.

In order to retain traction in a fast-paced and innovative market, companies need to embrace a couple of key strategies:

Invest in Cloud Infrastructure. Innovation is hindered by static infrastructure, so forward-thinking companies are increasingly moving to a hybrid cloud environment to foster the continuous delivery of new services and products. The constant pace of innovation demands an IT environment that offers scalability for faster development.

The challenge that enterprises face is the complexity that these hybrid environments introduce. When there’s a performance issue, it can be challenging to identify the root cause of a problem that impacts end users because visibility may be limited. Enterprises are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to solve problems that no human could ever track down in the complexity of a hybrid infrastructure. This will begin to expand to auto-remediation, as well, further equipping enterprises for agility in executing business decisions.

Equip the Innovators. The other major step that enterprises must take to support perpetual digital transformation is the restructuring of talent to form DevOps teams. Breaking down the borders between development and operations teams, this approach helps achieve a more collaborative and agile innovative culture. In this approach, teams are formed that work on shared goals for particular applications or services, rather than focusing on broad goals.

Companies pursuing digital transformation embrace DevOps culture as a crucial part of operations. Incorporating a DevOps approach helps teams become more comfortable with their code and how their code impacts the performance of an application and the customer experience.

Some companies are taking this collaboration a step further by forming BizDevOps teams that include employees from wider business groups for better insight. Teams might include digital marketing specialists or customer service personnel to achieve a broader perspective on the project.

For companies pursuing digital transformation, the experience of chasing a moving target is a familiar one. Embracing a hybrid infrastructure and creating DevOps teams are two strategies that help make perpetual transformation possible.

To learn more about how to effectively pursue digital transformation on an ongoing basis, contact us at Net Tel One Communications. We can help you identify the right infrastructure platforms for a hybrid cloud environment tailored to your needs.

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