Reduce Internet down time.

4 different carriers to ensure best results.

Run mission critical services during primary internet failure.

4G LTE Internet Backup

Is Your Business Internet Disaster Proof?



Always On

Cost Effective

    Keep Your Business Up, Even When The Internet Goes Down. You may have DSL, T1, Fiber Optic, or a cable internet connection, but your business is still not immune to outages or slow connections. Every business needs a backup Internet connection. A fast, reliable, Internet connection is the bloodline of any business. With Net Tel One’s 4G LTE Internet Backup, you can diversify your Internet technology with a backup internet connection and get access to nationwide LTE wireless networks. It’s fast, reliable, and delivered from the cloud. You can expect a seamless, constant, redundant internet connection to lightning fast wireless networks so your business Internet is always up and running.

4 Different Wireless Carriers

      Not all networks reach everywhere, so we use all 4 major wireless carriers to ensure your location has the best connection. Below are 4 locations less than 20 square miles apart. each location shows a different carrier as their best option. 

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